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Frequently Asked Questions


Defects in products are covered in this guarantee. We promise to replace or repair the product that is defective as long as the conditions are met. The guarantee includes a specific sagging depth. If the mattress sags below the mentioned threshold, Perfect Sleep must replace the product without charging any money. If you have used the bed for regular domestic purposes and it has not been mishandled by you, then the guarantee is still valid. The contract will cover any fault if the product has been used appropriately in the house.

  1. Using the mattress without bed linen.
  2. Using the incorrect side when sleeping o
  3. r sleeping on the side that should not be slept on
  4. Bending or rolling the mattress.
  5. Not assembling the bed frame properly.
  6. Overloading the drawers in the bed base, as overloading causes damage to the drawers and causes them to jam.


The guarantee period is five years, starting from the date when you purchased it.

For making a claim request, you should give the following information:

  1. Claimer name and address.
  2. Order number.
  3. Full description of the complaint.
  4. Images or videos showing the defect.
  5. Weight of the Items.

The guarantee might allow you to return, replace, or repair a purchase. We will ask if you want us to take care of the disposal at your cost, and then a replacement for the product will be sent to you.

Many boxes are involved in bulk beds, and they are also easier to handle as they are delivered. You may find that the wardrobes, side tables, as well as bedroom furniture, may come in the form of flat packaging. The bedside table may come ready for you to assemble as it is an item that is smaller in size.

Compare your door frame's dimensions with your furniture's height and width, allowing some wiggle room on either side. If the door frame is greater than your furniture's size, it will fit through the doors easily.

Materials such as polyester can be cleaned with vacuuming. While other fabrics, such as velvet, cannot be cleaned with a vacuum. If you think the headboard needs to freshen up, you can use the baking soda trick almost every month or so. Just pour a good amount of baking soda on a dry cloth and then pat it on the upholstery.

It is essential to choose a fabric that is easy to clean, durable, and stain-resistant. Summary about the materials used is usually a tag or label on the headboard, furniture, and bed frames.

It is important to choose a fabric that is easy to clean, durable, and stain-resistant. Summary about the materials used is usually on the label or tag on a headboard, bed frames, and furniture.

Mostly the fabric sofas have a finish that is stain-resistant, and they can be cleaned easily, as well. The fabric also doesn’t get scratched, but leather can be scratched.

There are many remedies that will stop the pet from chewing on the furniture. These remedies are mostly made from lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. They are natural ingredients, which will keep your pets away from the furniture.

If you think you would like to change the order, kindly get in touch with our customer care representatives to see if the carriers can help you. They will surely help you in the best possible way. Payment for collection is made by us first, and then the price of products is refunded to you.

Depending on your order and your location, we may be able to offer an express delivery service at your doorstep.

We support secure and fast service of delivery at Perfect Sleep. We deliver the order as per schedule. We also do deliveries on weekends, but you are charged additionally for it, but this choice is dependent on your area as well as the product that you have chosen.

You have to pay additional charges of delivery not to us but to the courier company that we use for delivering your products.

We guarantee that the order will be delivered on either the next day or the day after, depending on the delivery address. This condition depends on the courier service that is used in your specific area. A courier company will operate in sequence and might not be able to come to your location at a given time, but you can still communicate with us. We will make sure to help you.

If you buy a divan bed from Perfect Sleep, our team will deliver it to you as well as install it at the location that you want, at your home. But we are unable to offer the service for bunk beds and bed frames. This service does require a small fee. If you want our team at Perfect Sleep to install your bed, you must contact us whilst placing an order.

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