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Bed Measuring Guide


Buying a lovely bed for your room is a stressful thing to do, just to find out that it can’t fit through the door or gets stuck in it. When incorporating new beds into your home, you need to take the appropriate measurements so that you can stay away from disappointment and losing money. Here, we have created a handy measuring guide that will help you.

 What to consider when buying furniture for the room

  • Your bedroom is the most relevant section of your home. This is where you will spend some time with yourself and where you rest after a hectic day at work. There are some things to remember before buying furniture for your room.
  • Ensure your children, pets, or other thingsare on the floor or not coming in your way.
  • The furniture should fit well through the doorways, stairwells, halls, and inside your home comfortably.
  • Check the corners of the mattress or bed when you move it inside the room.
  • Before buying furniture for your bedroom, always consider your budget.
  • Make sure there is enough space for the drawers to open fully.

How wide should a doorway be for the bed?


Note down that there's no room turning; the door should be 100cm wider than A or B as indicated. There is a need to be space for some furniture; there should be an allowance on the top of the specified dimensions. Here is the example: that the Divan beds with drawers will require 31cm from either side of the bed whilst, you are looking to place it in a room, so there is not enough space to turn.


In this case, you order your furniture, and there is no quite space available so we can't remove any windows or doors. You will be held responsible for any such condition.

How Much Space Do You Need Around for a Sofa Bed and Divan Drawers?

For Divan Drawers

Our space divan beds come with storage drawers and covers at least 55cm of your room space. Our Divan beds drawers are measured in 53cm and depth 22 cm in height. The width varies depending on your option between Mini (continental), Regular or large end drawer. We always delivered flat-packed, which is easy to get through from any narrow space and room. We can always help you to assemble the delivered flat-packed item you can select to assemble it all by yourself. We know that everyone's home is differently built and constructed. The stairs are different too, some houses have the short one whilst some has the steeper ones. If you are looking for Divan beds, check out our Divan beds range.

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For Sofa Bed

Seeming to buy a sofa bed, make sure there is enough proximity for it to fold out fully. Our sofa beds require exactly 240cm of space when folded out. These all depend on the model and type of sofa you want. However, a sofa bed is also stylish, but you’d never know it was also a bed. Last but not least we think, that may be a seater sofa is a good choice. Moreover, there is also extra space for walking distance, if you opt for a sofa bed.

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